Opening doors.

At Caroline’s Project: Young Women To Leaders, we are helping to prepare young women for success at the highest level in STEM fields and in the leadership roles that await them. We do this by providing access to top educational enrichment programs focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Computer Science (STEM-CS) and the related fields of investment and financial analysis.

Through our scholarship program, girls in grades 8 – 11 can apply for funding to attend high-quality STEM summer enrichment programs where they can explore their interests and discover exciting career possibilities.

In the bigger picture, we will also provide young women with unique, experiential leadership opportunities currently in development.

Why should we care?

Here are just a few facts that point toward the importance of encouraging and maintaining girls’ interest and engagement in STEM studies and leadership during middle school and high school:

– STEM-CS jobs are growing at 1.7 times the rate of non-STEM jobs.

– Women hold a disproportionately low share of the STEM undergraduate degrees.

– Although women make up almost half of the workforce, they hold less than 25% of the millions of existing high-wage STEM-CS positions.

– Research shows that girls are interested in STEM-related studies in grade school but begin to lose interest in middle school.

The current gender gap promises continued inequity in women’s career opportunities and wages, and poses a threat to future technological progress and innovation.

The good news is that the gap becomes smaller with every door of opportunity that we open for young women.

At Caroline’s Project, we are working to open those doors. Want to help us?


“Leap@CMU was a phenomenal experience for me. I made some very good friends who are passionate about STEM, and especially tech, just like I am, and I was deeply inspired by many of the guest speakers who came in to talk to us. It was especially wonderful to see both genders represented in the multitude of guest speakers presented to us, especially after hearing the support they all had for equality for all genders in computer science.

After seeing my finished project, a Tic Tac Toe playing robot, I felt unspeakably proud and empowered by the knowledge and experience I had gained over the 7 weeks at Leap. I’d definitely encourage everyone, especially females, to attend CMU’s Leap because it expanded my knowledge of robotics, gave me invaluable experiences and confidence in my abilities, and strengthened my computer science skills.”

~ Jasmine