LEAP @ CMU Scholarships

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Scholarships are currently available for:

Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science’s Leap@CMU 2017

2017 is closed, 2018 applications will be available end of 2017 or early 2018

Past Winners


Since visiting her dad’s lab at the age of 5, Annika has always had an interest in science and technology. Her success in her two science fair projects have allowed her to become a Broadcom MASTERS finalist and to meet President Obama. These projects have also promoted her interest in information technology outreach. Being a good role model for younger girls is very important to her, and she accomplishes this goal of being a role model in her outreach classes. In the future, she plans to attend college and to major in computer science or biomedical engineering.

“It wasn’t easy being a nerd in Pittsburgh and Leap showed me who and what else was out there. More than a dozen years later, I still have dinner with my friends from Leap, I work with a fellow Leap classmate at my tech startup, and Leap alumni are my friends and investors. At Leap, I learned about the concepts that I ended up majoring in at MIT- diagonalization, Cantor infinity, complexity theory. I loved Leap and it changed my life for the nerdier and the happier! 

Nancy is the founder and CEO of Apptimize, a mobile a/b testing and optimization company that companies like Trulia and Nook use to innovate faster. Nancy’s leadership at Apptimize earned her a spot in the 2015 Forbes “30 Under 30.” Prior to Apptimize, she led the GETCO (now KCG Holdings) FI Quantitative Strategies team in New York and Chicago. She is a world-class expert in algorithmic trading and electronic exchanges. While studying Math with CS at MIT, Nancy was the MIT Varsity Fencing team captain, built lasers in the Harvard/MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms, and was a developer in Israel. Nancy grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Andrew’s Leap in 2001.”

~ Nancy Hua